Do You Own a Gym or Club? Use Bent Logic to get all Your High-Quality Plastic Membership Cards and Key Tags!

If you own an exclusive gym or club, one of your top priorities is ensuring that anyone who passes through your doors is either a member or about to become a member. That means you need a way to easily allow your members access and show off to would-be members what they need to get through. For a very long time, membership cards have been the best way to do this. These cards are typically plastic, always lightweight, and often feature magnetic strips, numbering, barcoding, photos and more for you to quickly scan the card and verify it.

Designing a Unique Card

Many people who print a membership card fail to take into account that the design of the card is very important. Anyone can simply plaster their gym’s name on a plain white card and call it a day, but you should want your card to be something that stands out whenever one of your members opens his wallet. You want everyone around him to notice it and ask, “What is that card for?” It is easy to come up with a fantastic design when you work with Bent Logic. We can print any design that you’re looking for to help you successfully market your brand.

Why Bent Logic has the Best Plastic Card Options in Australia

When it comes down to it, Bent Logic simply provides the highest quality materials at the lowest price when it comes to a membership card. Thanks to a Teslin core, our cards won’t snap or break like cards that you may have seen being used by other businesses. We also feature protective coatings on all of our cards, which prevents the ink from fading and ensures that your image or text remains bold and visible as long as the card is still being used.

Don’t Forget Membership Key Tabs!

Membership tabs provide your members an easy way to keep up with their membership identification. Key tabs are easily slid onto a key ring and save your members the hassle of having to open their wallets and dig through a dozen similar cards just to find the one they need to get into your facility. Key tabs can still be outfitted with magnetic strips and similar security measures to provide the same advantages that regular cards do, but they’re easier to keep track of.

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No matter what your needs are when it comes to plastic cards, Bent Logic can help you out. We provide quick turnarounds and can handle any order, no matter how big or small it is. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us. Our website is easy to navigate and provides a lot of information, so be sure to check it out or call us today!