Are You Looking for Custom Plastic Key Tags in Australia? Contact Affordable Supplier Bent Logic for More Details

Everyone knows what plastic keys tags are. In today’s world, key tags are offered by almost every store and company out there, making it simple for customers to display their membership or frequent shopper cards on their key ring. What isn’t so well-known is where companies buy all of these key tags from, specifically plastic key tags in Australia. New companies often find they would like to invest in key tags, but are unsure of the best quality, most affordable plastic key tag supplier. If your business is in the market for a plastic key tag supplier who can create customised, professional plastic key tags, you might want to look into Bent Logic.

Who is Bent Logic? Providing Plastic Key Tags for Many of Australia’s Top Companies

For the past 15 years, Bent Logic has been providing Australia with all of their key tag needs, ranging from company club cards to customer care tags. Bent Logic caters to Australian companies and clientele mainly but also sells overseas to many different countries. Bent Logic focuses on offering fully customisable, professional looking key tags and other marketing merchandise for their customers at competitive prices and shipping rates.

Benefits of Working with Bent Logic for Key Tag Orders

Bent Logic boasts many benefits to their specific key tags over other companies. All plastic key tags are produced with a Teslin core, preventing them from eventually pulling off of key rings, as is prone in most PVC-based tags. Furthermore, all plastic keys tags are printed with a protective coating around them to prevent print from fading away. All key tags can also be printed with specific numbering, barcodes, or other business specific coding. Artwork and custom images can also be applied, as requested.

Aside from offering superior plastic key tags, Bent Logic also offers many features and accommodations that other companies cannot compete with. For instance, Bent Logic can provide quick turnarounds and even offer overnight delivery services for companies needing their custom key tags quickly. Best of all, Bent Logic provides free image samples of your key tags prior to finalising your order, so that you will be able to approve your key tags before committing to your purchase. Bent Logic also can manufacture key tags for smaller businesses and does not require a minimum purchase for key tags, making it simple to reorder small quantities or only order the exact number needed.

If your company is in the market for plastic key tags and is looking to work with a reputable supplier who will make reordering simple and efficient, start a dialogue with Australia’s prominent marketing merchandise supplier, Bent Logics. Bent Logics can supply high-quality barcoded, image coded, or print based plastic key tags quickly and affordably, and will offer you free images of your tags prior to purchasing. To get started or find our more information, visit Bent Logic’s website at