Use Bent Logic for Plastic Card Printing

There are a multitude of different reasons that you may need plastic card printing. One of the biggest reasons is for membership cards. Everyone has been asked “Do you have one of your loyalty/frequent shopper/membership cards?” at the store, and these cards are usually printed plastic. Gym membership cards are also very popular, and they’re usually plastic. If you own a gym or a business that features a membership, you could greatly benefit from the services that Bent Logic provide.

We specialise in plastic card printing for any reason, whether you need to create some membership cards or want to step your business card game up by making it plastic instead of the traditional cardstock. We can make plastic cards of any size, whether you want key tags or traditional credit card sized plastic cards. No order is too big or too small for us, and we strive to provide very quick turnarounds. No matter if you want to use our plastic printing for a traditional reason or if you’ve dreamed up a unique marketing scheme, we can help you out.

We only use the highest quality materials in our plastic card printing. Our cards feature a Teslin core, which makes them more durable than other cards and prevents them from snapping. They’re also coated with a protective coating that prevents them from fading- your name or brand will always be bright and bold when you work with Bent Logic. Call us today to get started!