Why You Should Be Using Plastic Business Cards in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth

Since their inception into the business world, business cards have been an integral tool for anyone wishing to market themselves and their company. They give off all the relevant information, helping people remember your name, branding your business, offering a phone and email contact, and letting potential clients and business partners know that you’re always there to help them out. The problem with the business card market is that it’s been oversaturated. Everyone has a business card, and they can often become victims to the unlimited depths of a wallet or a purse, just one of countless other paper cards that can easily be lost or forgotten. One way to make your business card stand out is to not only change the way it looks, but to change the way it feels.

The Advantage of Using Plastic Business Cards in Melbourne

When you hand over your business card, you want it to stand out from the crowd. Making it plastic is the perfect way to do this. Without even looking at it, the recipient will feel that your card is different as soon as they grab it, and when rifling through their collection of business cards for Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, or Brisbane businesses, yours will immediately stand out due to its unique nature. Other business cards will fade and tear over time, but a plastic one will not. It’s immune to water, ripping, and the general wear and tear that a normal business card undergoes.

Using Bent Logic to Create Plastic Business Cards in Sydney

Bent Logic provides businesspeople all over Australia, from Brisbane to Sydney and more, with plastic printing solutions that they won’t find anywhere else. We will work with you to come up with a fantastic design and then provide you with however many business cards you need with that design printed right on them. Our cards are made with a state of the art Teslin card, which keeps them malleable but rigid and able to withstand the snaps and tears that plague other plastic cards. We also put a protective coating on all of our cards to ensure the print stays fresh and bold no matter what- when other plastic cards fade, ours won’t.

Being Creative With Your Plastic Business Cards in Perth

What if you gave away a business card that acted as a key, unlocking exclusive benefits for those who hang onto it and use it at your business? We have the ability to incorporate magnetic strips, numbering and even QR codes onto our business cards. Let’s say your business card features a QR code that links directly to your website? Or maybe it has a magnetic strip that, when scanned at your business, gives the holder a 10% discount on your services? This is an undeniable advantage over other forms of business cards and while increasing your chances of making sure the card gets used.