Promote Your Membership Club with Key Tags for Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Gold Cost Businesses from Bent Logic

One problem many businesses struggle with is making membership to their club or store accounts simple and easy to access. While online memberships are certainly helpful, not everyone carries their phones into stores or remembers to use apps to access membership deals and savings. Key tags for Brisbane or Sydney stores, however, make accessing member accounts simple, easy, and efficient. Since customers almost always have their keys on them, having key tags for Perth and Melbourne stores frequently visited makes for a convenient way for customers to always have membership access, right at their fingertips.

Reasons to Order Key Tags for Gold Coast and Melbourne Stores

Key tags in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, or Melbourne are an easy way for customers to carry around membership cards that fit easily around a key ring, rather than carrying bulky cards that fill up wallets quickly. While some key rings are used to scan a member’s access to an account and offer rewards or savings, others are used as gym or other club related membership entry tags. Scanning the barcode links to a membership and grants paying customers easy access into a room or fitness centre.

No matter what your company offers its customers, investing in membership key tags in Perth, Brisbane, or across the rest of Australia will ensure your members remain satisfied, with easy access to your store savings or club benefits.

Where to Buy Key Tags in Perth, Melbourne, or along the Gold Coast: Bent Logic

Bent Logic is an Australia-based marketing merchandise company in the industry of selling customised marketing items, such as plastic key tags. Bent Logic offers its customers key tags completely tailored to their specifications, with custom barcodes, numbering, images, and other coding options. Fast shipping (including overnight and rush orders) can also be accommodated with Bent Logic. You can even request a free image scan of your key tags before confirming your order, just to make sure your tags look the way you had envisioned them.

One issue many companies in Brisbane and Melbourne run into when ordering plastic keys tags is the minimum number required to order to complete a purchase. Small businesses often find themselves in need of key tags, but can’t afford to purchase hundreds or thousands at a time. Bent Logic requires no minimum number to be ordered, making is simple and more affordable for smaller, local businesses to order the exact number of keys tags they require and reorder as needed.

If your Perth or Brisbane business is looking for a good way to advertise your club memberships, plastic key tags can do a great job of promoting awareness, as well as customer satisfaction. Bent Logic can create any key tag you have been imagining, and will work with you closely to ensure the final product is perfect. To get started on your first project, visit Bent Logic online at